Shaping a Diverse Workforce for the Future of Forestry

Every person deserves to feel welcome, safe, seen and heard in our forests.

Stay Informed, Stay Involved.

About Us

The US Forest and Wood Products Sector Inclusion Council (Inclusion Council) is at the forefront of transforming the forestry landscape by championing diversity, sustainability, and collaboration. 

Through inclusive practices, leadership, and expertise, we’re creating a platform for change that welcomes and empowers all voices.

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Grow. Sustain. Belong.

Through our National Action Plan, we champion diversity, sustainability, and collaboration to shape a more inclusive forestry sector.

Our initial objectives include:

Research and Survey: Initiating a comprehensive research and survey process to comprehend the workforce challenges and diversity barriers.

Learning Labs: Launching a series of Learning Labs to share diversity, equity, and inclusion best practices from forestry industry leaders.

Building a Community of Practice: Convening Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) practitioners, advocates, and champions from within the sector to build a community of practice around strengthening the sector workforce.


We invite you to explore, learn, and drive positive change in the forestry sector.

Why join this movement?

We represent a broad network of industry leaders and organizations advocating for positive change in forestry practices—benefitting both forests and those who depend on them.

We serve as a unified voice, rallying leaders and organizations across the sector for people-first leadership practices and equitable workplace cultures.

Our core values—belonging, sustainability, collaboration, diversity, engagement, and forward-thinking—drive our efforts to shape a more inclusive future for forestry.

Our Growing Community

Members of our community include:

Natural resource professionals, including agriculture, conservation, and carbon/climate experts.

Young professionals transitioning into environmentally-focused careers, like climate, biodiversity, water conservation, or green building.

High school & college students interested in natural resources, management, logging, or hauling.

Urban forestry advocatesand passionate individuals committed to transforming forestry practices.

Academic institutions, organizations, and businesses committed to climate, carbon, biodiversity, and preserving nature.

Policymakers, advocates, philanthropists, and government entities shaping inclusive policies for forestry.

Tradespeople who are interested in manufacturing, trucking, warehousing, milling, and logistics.

Management professionals leading in operations, marketing, communications, human resources, investing, and business development.

Entrepreneurs, independent consultants, and small business and family business owners interested in forestry and wood products.

Key Pillars of Our Promise


We foster an inclusive environment where all voices are heard, respected and valued.


We're committed to sustainable practices that ensure forests thrive for generations to come.


We bring leaders and organizations together for a shared purpose.


Our strength lies in the diversity of our community.


We're here to engage and support all who care about our forests.


We're shaping the future of the forest and wood products sector.

Join us in creating a more inclusive, sustainable, and diverse future for our forests and communities.

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Sign up for our e-newsletter to stay updated on ongoing initiatives, receive exclusive insights, and play an active role in nurturing diversity and inclusivity in forestry.